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Mold and lead can cause problems in a commercial environment quickly. The Awards Construction team carries certifications in mold remediation and lead abatement. We understand the industry standards for addressing mold and lead problems and can ensure your commercial property is properly handled before you start using it.


Signs of mold include musty smells, bubbling wallpaper and water damage, and visible mold in the environment. Mold situations vary depending on the type of mold and the extent of damage. Our team will help your company find the best solution so you can get back into your space quickly.


Lead has not been used in paint since 1978, but it still represents a threat in older spaces. If you have purchased or are thinking about purchasing a property built before 1978, purchase a lead testing kit at your local home improvement store. Call us if the space tests positive. Don’t attempt to remove the lead yourself or paint over it.

Our company understands the professional steps required for eradicating mold and lead from an environment. When we take on a lead or mold project, we make a concerted effort to keep our clients informed about the process. You don’t have to worry when you hire the best. Contact us at (443) 279-4555 to get started today