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As part of our emergency services, Awards Construction specializes in water damage emergencies. We have walked into homes that are still a foot underwater and created a game plan for mitigating the damage done. Timeliness often makes a difference between a simple water emergency project and one that requires extensive mold remediation and remodeling work.

Our water emergency services are designed to preserve as much of your property as possible. After a damaging event such as a plumbing issue or extreme weather, our company will take the time to walk you through the water mitigation process. Dealing with unexpected home or building damage can be stressful for anyone. We carefully consider our clients’ budgets and provide them with access to knowledgeable team members to make the process a little less overwhelming.

After a serious water incident,
do NOT:

If your home or office experiences water damage of any kind, reach out to our team. We’ll restore your space and help you take precautions to protect it from future damage.